July 21, 2020

The Tourist by Mark Tulin

I look for strange memories 
to bring home to friends, 
buildings as high as Sequoias, 
people as odd as Martians 
I am always prepared to walk, 
my laces tied in a bow knot 
on my brown hiking shoes, 
bottled water in my backpack, 
my camera ready to take pictures 
of funny billboards or signs 
and strange names 
for seafood restaurants 
I bring an extra sweater 
just in case the weather changes 
and a tiny umbrella 
if the rain happens to fall 
I grab the front seat 
on the tour bus, 
hold tightly to the rail, 
and ask the driver questions 
that hes answered before. 

Mark Tulin is a former psychotherapist who lives in California. He has two poetry books, Magical Yogis and Awkward Grace. The Asthmatic Kid and Other Stories available at Madville Publishing. He’s been featured in Still Point Journal, The Writing Disorder, New Readers Magazine, among others.  Mark’s website is Crow On The Wire.


  1. Gorgeously relatable Mark...😀

  2. It is indeed a wonderfully relateable poem! I enjoyed it very much.