The Silent Garden by Christian Schloe

Poppy Road Review is a literary journal featuring free verse poetry, flash fiction, and occasional interviews with poets.  Journey with us on the road to poems that linger and haunt.

Discover poems of enchantment, fantasy, fairy tale, folklore, dreams, dystopian, flora & fauna, magical realism, romance, and anything located deep in-between the cracks.  

Poppy Road Review publishes periodically throughout the year.


Sandy writes poetry and fiction. Her recent works include Winter in the Bones, Petal Storm, Cherry Blossom Days, and Angel. Sandy's poems have appeared in over 140 print and online literary journals since 2006 and she's been nominated for the Pushcart, Best of the Web, and Best of the Net. 

Sandy has always been intrigued by haunted houses, ancient cemeteries, forests, gardens, and abandoned buildings.