September 5, 2018

Whatever We Are Doing in Life by Martin Willitts Jr.

Whatever we are doing in life
can’t possibly be as important as
what we could be doing.

Stop whatever we are doing. Think:
what good could we be doing;
and, why aren’t we doing it?

Days keep floating by.
We can never catch them.
What would we do with them if we could?

All summer, bees are transferring
their loads into heavenly oils.
What have we been doing?

All winter, trees plan new leaves.
The language of love billows on the sky.
What are we doing?

The horizon is rumpling with hills.
Whatever was crazy with business halted,
relaxed its breath to admire what is here.

What is taking us so long?
Go out. Explore what is provided.
There is some for you, some for me.

Martin Willitts Jr has 20 chapbooks including the winner of the Turtle Island Quarterly Editor’s Choice Award, “The Wire Fence Holding Back the World” (Flowstone Press, 2017), plus 11 full-length collections including forthcoming full-lengths includes “The Uncertain Lover” (Dos Madres Press, 2018), and “Home Coming Celebration” (FutureCycle Press, 2019).

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