February 18, 2016

A Lost Cause by Natalie Wallace

My bones ache,
with the waves of a tide,
wanting to stay ashore.
And my joints crack together,
while being carried away.
My body is dragged through the wild ripples,
going further out to sea.

Then the chaos calms,
and I float.
The water
surrounds me and hums a soft lullaby.
While I watch the sky
change from pinks and oranges,
to a rain of gold stars.

I drift and drift,
mesmerized by
the lost dreams in the sky.
Where I can
hear the hushed whispers,
of strayed star-gazers.

Natalie Wallace resides in Southern California. She is a cheerful spirit who enjoys reading, writing, and drinking Jasmine tea. You can find her work on Eskimo Pie, Leaves of Ink, Forced Entries, Cadence Collective, Silver Birch Press and the Cerritos Library Website.


  1. A straight forward set of lyrics that carry a tinge of the literary past.

    That aside, I'm very disturbed by the paucity of comments. It is a reflection that less than 1% of Americans are interested in culture. I care about the number of science degreed individuals but if they are culturally backwards the whole nation is terminally ill as a civilization.

  2. Russki, your comments are very much appreciated. I do wish there were more comments posted for each poet, not just a poet who has many friends or followers or is well known. It takes a lot of courage to write something and send it off into the world. We should be more supportive of everyone who has work published here.

  3. Sandy,

    A Cause Not To Be Lost

    Thank you for your comments
    commenting on the paucity
    of comments.

    I chose this poem as an inspiration
    for my commenting and hope
    that Natalie Wallace
    head over

    adding her own spiked comments
    to her dream-like poetic visions.

  4. Interesting comment. Imagination is something that is necessary for any advance. We must be able to see forward. Imagination is what most writers and artists have in abundance.