August 31, 2017

The Photograph by Bradley Thomas

In a bowl of Victorian design 
Black cherries overflow its rim 
Spilling across the table on a paisley table cloth 
Highlighted in a low light atmosphere 

A moment created for a renaissance feel 
A reversal of perception of time 
The illusion of a placid history 
Through the medium of a precision image 

Planned, choreographed, and presented 
To ease the mind through the eyes 
An invitation to imbibe 
In a work of the ethereal 

Through a trust of its spirit 
To look at old ideas 
And entertain a few concepts 
Of a new future

Bradley Thomas was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He received a B.A. for Georgia State University in Business Administration.  He was an inspections manager for the government of Fulton County, Georgia.  Bradley’s poems have appeared in the poem anthology book Whispers of Inspiration and on online e-zines such as, Your Daily Poem, and Poppy Road Review.  He is the author of the poetry books ‘The Breath of the Land’ and ‘Conversations’.

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