July 3, 2017

Two Poems by Donal Mahoney

A Family Thing

Someone broke in the house
the weekend the elderly couple was 
out of town, a family thing. 

The TV, the couch and 
computer were gone.
Someone took everything. 
Even the silverware,
tables and chairs.

The couple had everything   
insured except for the new
photos of their daughter.
They were in the computer 
emailed by their son last week.

Kate was all smiles in the photos
and the couple wanted to have them 
printed and framed and hung
on the living room wall
above the fireplace.

The weekend of the robbery
the elderly couple was out of town
at her funeral, a family thing.

Alice's House

Redbud and dogwood have blossomed
above the tulips and jonquils where
Alice's house used to be.

A possum and raccoon nose around 
where the garage was before the tornado. 
An armadillo has joined them.

Someone has hung a red feeder from
the old clothesline. No hummingbirds yet.
Spring has brought new life over there. 

Donal Mahoney lives in Belleville, Illinois. He writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Some of his work can be found at http://eyeonlifemag.com/the-poetry-locksmith/donal-mahoney-poet.html.

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  1. A Family Thing grabbed me; I guess its jsut such an Irish thing, to call the funeral/wake of a loved one 'a family thing' to others... and then I thought , "How did a Donal get all the way into Illinois?"l Of course, the well known Chicago Irish... Those of us from Boston area marvel at the great distance f rom the sea some have gone. Slainte'