May 19, 2017

Silent Beauty by Bradley Thomas

Raindrops shimmer on the rose bush leaves
In the evening as the summer sun
Gently falls behind the clouds
The first rose of spring sheds its bloom
After the midsummer afternoon rain
As many more unopened rose buds 
Wait their turn to blossom in their season
Silent beauty waves in the breeze
Amid the ordinary and the useful in the garden
The chaotic and bustling life in the town
The world still keeps to its own
Leaving silent beauty alone
To have a place to dwell on earth

Bradley Thomas was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He received a B.A. for Georgia State University in Business Administration.  He was an inspections manager for the government of Fulton County, Georgia.  Bradley’s poems have appeared in the poem anthology book Whispers of Inspiration and on online e-zines such as, Your Daily Poem, and Poppy Road Review.  He is the author of the poetry books ‘The Breath of the Land’ and ‘Conversations’.

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