April 14, 2016

Searching for Freedom by Linda M. Crate

even flowers can grow in concrete
so you have no excuse
to stay stunted in that little black heart of yours
without growth or warmth,
and you told me once with longing in your voice
that you used to pick out the best gifts;
you've forgotten your heart and soul and how to care
locking yourself away in your own distance
and indifference and misery
you think this absolves you from your responsibility
to other human beings,
and you feel so safe hiding behind your masks
of false charisma and charm;
but you don't understand we're all connected
for that reason i will smash your
thousand masks
free the mermaids and mermen caught in those pale
blue eyes of always winter;
freeing myself when i free you.

Linda M. Crate is the author of the Magic Series and has many poems, short stories, reviews, and essays published both online and in print. Her third poetry collection, Sing Your Own Song, is forthcoming from Barometric Press Series.

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  1. Is the you frequently referenced actually yourself? Is your poem an address to your physical nature, your outward glamour, from the spirit within? Perhaps I misunderstood other poems as being about a relationship with another.


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