February 22, 2015

Two Drawings by Don Schaeffer

Gimme Shelter

The Pier

These drawings were made on a tablet using drawing software.

Don Schaeffer has previously published more than a dozen volumes of poetry, his first in 1996, not counting the experiments with self-publishing under the name "Enthalpy Press." He spent a lot of his young adult life hawking books and learning the meaning of vanity. His poetry has appeared in numerous periodicals and has been translated into Chinese for distribution abroad. Don is a habitue of the poetry forum network and has received first prize in the Interboard competition. He calls himself a phenomenological poet, devoted to exact description of experience. His poems reflect the transitions in his life. He currently lives in New York after spending half his adult life in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

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  1. Good to see your art on a roll and good to see you mastering a new state of the art painting tool.