May 21, 2014

Annual Print Edition, 2012

Poppy Road Review's Annual Print Edition, 2012, is now available on Amazon and Createspace.  This beautiful 94-page book features all poets published in 2012, to include Lindsey Bellosa, Sandy Benitez, Nina Bennett, Byron Beynon, Isaac Black, Rose Mary Boehm, Harry Calhoun, Joan L. Cannon, Valentina Cano, Joan Colby, Corey Cook, Sarah Crewe, Jim Davis, Kristina England, Gary Glauber, John Grey, Craig A. Hart, A.J. Huffman, M.J. Iuppa, Peycho Kanev, Steve Klepetar, Duane Locke, Donal Mahoney, Larissa Nash, Sergio Ortiz, Al Ortolani, Jimmy Pappas, L.C. Ricardo, Bill Roberts, Nina Romano, Sy Roth, Walter Ruhlmann, Samantha Seto, Danny Earl Simmons, Michael Dwayne Smith, Robert Strickland, Martin Willitts Jr., Catherine Zickgraf, and many others.

The cover art is an impressionistic painting titled "The Poppy Field" by Willard Metcalf and is in the public domain.

The 2011 print edition is currently being worked on, so stay tuned for the release of this book in the future.  I hope that you'll consider acquiring a copy or two for your personal collection; it would also make a thoughtful gift to give a friend or family member who enjoys poetry.  

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