February 2, 2014

The Others by Kathy B. Austin

On "The World Awakens" - Karen Benedetti, Artist

They walked among the very trees
you now lean against,
living entire lives
that are now forgotten,
but they are still there.
They shaped the life you now lead.
In your memory they gather,
vague gray shadows
amid a ghostly forest,
or they are wrapped in sunrise,
the very sun you see that now 
tints and spreads the color orange
across the sky.
They are speaking to you at this moment.
They are calling you to wake.
Can you hear them?


Kathy B. Austin is a retired graphic designer from Dayton, Ohio who describes herself as a Buddhist, half-hippie tree-hugger. Her work is informed by art, nature, spirituality, and the difficulty in remembering we are all one.

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