June 11, 2020

Swallows by Byron Beynon

I sheltered inside the church porch,
a moment's interlude
on a day of absent 
cloud and June heat,
as the flexible sunlight
embraced the sea's nuances.
Above me an attentive
swallow fed a hungry splendour,
nature's itinerants, fork-tailed
survivors, an open chorus
waiting their turn.
Outside the sun carried
the long afternoon,
conducting destinies,
a durable trust
through the speculative air.

Byron Beynon lives in Swansea.  He coordinated the Wales section of the poetry anthology Fifty Strong (Heinemann).  His collections include The Sundial (Flutter Press), The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions),  and Nocturne in Blue (Lapwing Publications). A former co-editor of Roundyhouse Poetry Magazine.

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