May 14, 2019

Song of an Old Widow by Michael L. Newell

A breeze streaming light
wafts through an open door;
roses wave in the yard; 
a hummingbird feeder
does its job for an afternoon
stream of visiting birds,
and I rock in the living
room and remember days
when you sat on the porch
whittling animals from 
basswood following the grain
to creations (bear, salmon,
fox, and wolf) that breathed
as they sat on the mantle;
I imagine your slow moving
body entering our home
one final time, draped 
in late afternoon light.

Michael L. Newell taught abroad for twenty years in ten countries.  He is now retired and living on the south-central Oregon coast.  His most recent book of poems is Meditation of an Old Man Standing on a Bridge (Bellowing Ark Press, 2018).

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