October 23, 2018

The Story of Forever by Sandy Benitez

The birch tree on the corner 
lot held secrets the wind 
could only keep for so long.   

Seasons tend to change the view.  
A small, black heart was etched 
carefully onto the white bark.   

Drawn by hands that touched and 
felt passion's eternal pull. 
The initials T.L. and D.S. were 

scrolled inside like handwritten 
letters on parchment.  I didn't 
know who these lovers were  

but I knew their story well;  
he was Romeo and she, Juliet. 
My tears urged me to walk on. 

I didn't want to leave the feeling. 
Love was here, still waiting for
them to write the word "Forever." 

Sandy Benitez is the editor of Poppy Road Review and Night Garden Journal.  Her recent poetry chapbook, Cherry Blossom Days, was published by Woodhaven Press.  When not watching movies or reading, she likes coffee, forests, and the paranormal.

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