September 19, 2017

The Singing Stone by Bradley Thomas

In a flowing brook bed 
Water rushed over 
A large smooth black stone 
Embedded above the other smaller ones 

You could hear the water 
Gently breaking against it 
The trees spoke in the wind 
Amid the dusk sun bathed flowers 

In the evening light 
The song of the stone remains the same 
A treasured memory 
Of a calm fall evening

Bradley Thomas was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. He received his B.A. degree from Georgia State University in Business Administration. He was an inspections manager for the government of Fulton County, Georgia. On the weekends, he played electric bass for a top forties cover band and he currently plays electric bass for his church. He is the author of the book Conversations and the chapbook The Breath of the Land. Thomas’s poems have appeared in Rattle, the poetry anthology books Whispers of Inspiration, The Colors of Life, and online e-zines such as Poppy Road Review, Your Daily Poem,, and Black Hills Audubon Society.

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