September 28, 2017

On Navy Seas by Barbara A. Meier

The one lonely gull above the navy sea,
flickers of light from the offing, the curvature
of earth a degree below the horizon,  smoky haze
from the stack and the wake - a path to twilight.

The silence lies about peace and brings to mind
the loneliness of one amongst the ghosts.

Death lives forever in damaged cells,
missile silos, and burning C130’s.
War makes mutes of men, the gas of tears
searing the lining of their throats.
The fellowship of the dead,
the silence of the navy sea
and one lone gull.
Cum tacent, clamant!  

When they are silent they shout!

Barbara A Meier is really just a farm girl from Kansas who now looks at Pacific waves instead of waves of grain. She teaches Kindergarten and First graders in Gold Beach, OR, how to write phonetically and draw pictures to match their writing. She has been published in Birds-Highland Park Poetry, Nature Writing, Poetry Pacific, The Poeming Pigeon, and Cacti Fur. Click here to visit Barbara at her blog.

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