July 13, 2017

Toulouse-Lautrec Exhibition by Byron Beynon

The Can Can tickets
removed from a November
coat-pocket guaranteed
the hour of entry.
Inside people squinny
nine courses of an exhibition.
Sexually-charged cabarets,
a world inside bars,
women, brothels,
the black boa of nightlife,
and a youthful Emile Bernard.
Friends in tender
yellow and white,
ironic caricatures,
recognised attacks of ill-health,
those fractured comments
articulated in preserved
frames of art.

Byron Beynon's work has appeared in several publications including Poppy Road Review, London Magazine, The Yellow Nib, Crannog, Plainsongs and The Muse (India). Also the human rights anthology In Protest (University of London and Keats House Poets).  He co-ordinated (on behalf of The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea) Wales's contribution to the anthology Fifty Strong (Heinemann). Collections include The Sundial (Flutter Press), Cuffs (Rack Press) and The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions).

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