April 3, 2017

Captivate by Diana L. Conces

Twilight bears down patiently
on the lingering day,
and under the moon's watchful gaze
the hazel-eyed girl at the table
under the shadowed palm trees starts to glow.

The busboy, moonsmacked by the divine,
sees the swirling of her spoon:
     stir coffee in the cracked blue mug,
     stir seagulls in the heavy August air,
     stir the rasping fronds of the palm tree,
     stir the emerald leaves of the bougainvillea
as they fall with the weight of the sky into dusk.

Diana L. Conces is a native Texan whose poetry has appeared in numerous print and online publications, a newspaper, and a city bus. In addition to writing, she enjoys jewelry making, knitting, embroidering poetry onto fabric, and various crafty things she has been lured into by Pinterest.


  1. Wow! The languorous, rich dreaminess of this poem is just stunning!