March 5, 2017

The Breath of the Land by Bradley Thomas

Would you like to receive a free poetry chapbook and also help a fellow poet? Flutter Press is offering 10 PDF copies of Bradley Thomas' latest chapbook, The Breath of the Land, in exchange for an honest review on Goodreads,, or both (if so inclined).

As you know, it's so difficult to find an audience for any writer. Poppy Road Review would like to help poets gain more exposure for their books. Bradley Thomas has been published at Poppy Road before and just needs a little help getting his chapbook out there.

The Breath of the Land, a poetry chapbook containing 33 poems by Bradley Thomas delves, into how the “breath” is the life given to us to live as we choose.  These small works are crafted observations of life as he has seen it and lived it.  

BRADLEY THOMAS was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He received a B.A. for Georgia State University in Business Administration.  He was an inspections manager for the government of Fulton County, Georgia and supervised a team of inspectors for the building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical trades for new and retrofit construction.  On the weekend, he played electric bass for a top forties cover band and he currently plays electric bass for his church.  Bradley’s poems have appeared in the poetry anthology book Whispers of Inspiration and on online e-zines such as Poppy Road Review, Your Daily Poem,, and Black Hills Audubon Society.

If Interested, please send an email to the editor. The first 10 requesters will receive a free PDF copy. Reviews and ratings should be posted within two weeks of receiving the chapbook.  If you do not receive a copy, that means that your request wasn't one of the first 10 submitted.  Please only request this chapbook if you intend on writing a brief review and a rating.  Poppy Road intends on providing free copies of other poetry chapbooks at least twice a month or more, depending on how this goes.

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