February 8, 2017

Waiting for You by Martin Willitts Jr.

Just like a good steady rain, 
you are welcome. Like some small good
handwritten by the blue jay’s flight,
the edges of the world need you.
I am aware of the heartbreak 
behind the rain’s curtain.
The clouds are squeezed tight.
The river banks swell, the ground 
is saturated, run-offs follow 
a downward slope like arpeggios.
Rain crunches on roofs, abundantly; 
but like love or pain, it cannot last forever.
There is no sound inside the rain 
that is not you. A heart is breakable, 
but the door is unlatched, waiting for you.

Martin Willitts Jr is a retired Librarian living in Syracuse, NY. His poems have appeared in Blue Fifth Review, Inflecionist Review, Nine Mile Magazine, Comstock Review, and others.  He is the winner of 2013 Bill Holm Witness Poetry Contest; 2014 Broadsided award; 2014 Dylan Thomas International Poetry Award; and, Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge, June 2015, Editor’s Choice. 

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  1. It is very nice to read Martin Willitts Jr at the Poppy Road Review but I thought the site was closed. Please let us know, Sandy, if it’s open.


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