May 31, 2016

Our Old House by Jonel Abellanosa

Nostalgia’s cabin in childhood’s woods
Bordered by brick and birdsong.

You returned against the doctor’s warning. 
To catch the sinking sun, your calm
Mocking our alarm. You said you like
The dusk to silence your heart.

Last month we agreed to return. 
We recalled: your children feigning
Attention, waiting for you to take out your
Wallet for our weekly allowance, as mom
Prepared breakfast.

After the third dinner we borrowed
Three mugs from your collection,
Believing we have your permission.
I swear I smelled sampaguitas
And snuffed-out candles. 
We gathered round your rocker
With coffee and more stories.

I thought I saw fireflies outside. 
Looking closely: moth on the wall. 
Listen! said your other son. 
Absence of words echoed our refusal
To believe in your absence.


Jonel Abellanosa resides in Cebu City, the Philippines.  His poetry has appeared in numerous journals including Rattle, Black Poppy Review, Anglican Theological Review, Poetry Kanto, The McNeese Review, Pedestal.  He has two chapbooks, “Pictures of the Floating World” (Kind of a Hurricane Press) and “The Freeflowing All” (Black Poppy Review).

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