May 18, 2016

Night Approaches by Michael L. Newell

The last remnants of twilight hang
above the peaks surrounding La Paz;
a few long strands of clouds, rather

like elongated schools of fish, float
above the glittering lights of the city
tossed upon mountainsides

with the reckless abandon and beauty
of stars inhabiting the sky
from horizon to horizon.

If I died at this moment,
my request would be to sail
amidst such beauty for eternity.

                                    La Paz, Bolivia, March 31, 2010

Michael L. Newell lived abroad for twenty years in ten countries.  He is now retired and living on the south-central Oregon coast.  He spends his time reading, listening to music, writing, and walking for an hour or more most days.

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  1. I read your poem with pleasure and also how you live your life.
    Thank you for sharing it--it's one of a piece and it shows.


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