May 5, 2016

A Desert for a Mother by Ashley Farley

to o   cold        my mother would wear her
snow      pants in the house,     l e  a   n   ing over the stove
Sylvia Plath was just
trying to keep warm. She would tell me that she
dreamt        about moving        to  (paradise). Where
it is 180 degrees.
(four years old) I would draw pictures of bright red
and orange flames        a homemade fire
(six years old) I got a text-book with photos               Kalahari, 
                        Sahara, Mojave, and
                            Sin:     ai, the names of her children.
(twenty years old) 
And I told her I wished I could        give her all the deserts in the world
Just to keep my mother warm.

Ashley Farley is a current undergrad studying English Literature at SUNY Brockport. She has hopes to work with Children's literature as a career. She enjoys traveling, crafting, hiking, and kayaking.

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