March 16, 2016

Dead Sisters by Jennifer Calvert

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Two sisters dead,
And a knifes edge,
Unblinking in the cold air,
The secret was out –
Concealed by the gravesite,
Dug up on dawn,
The cemetery a detached place, of brittle bones,
Blood on the leather,
Torn gowns,
And shadow puppets –
Dancing on a screen;
Without sound,
One sister alive, heart-beating light,
Covered in blood,
She wipes it away,
A thousand and one faces, taken to the grave,
She begged them to stay,
Here they lay,
Two sisters of sleep.

I’m an Australian poet, pouring my heart and soul into each piece I write. Finding beauty in everything, and hoping to inspire, provoke and stir the reader’s feelings and emotions. I like to test the boundaries, explore the possibilities and open my work to the reader, for interpretation.


  1. Wow! Your writing is breath-taking, Jen. Love the darkness. Beautiful!
    - Ryan Stone


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