March 14, 2016

Angry Moon Mermaid by Linda M. Crate

you denied any wrong doing,
but the sirens in your eyes
told me otherwise
still luring maidens and their dreams
to death;
but love is the greatest power we could have
or hope to know
i won't let you turn it into a perversion
because your lust
is enough to break hearts and maybe even souls
i fly with the wings of ravens
dance with the fae
swim with the mermaids,
and i am a daughter of the moon;
i will not be afraid to cross you in the sunlight or in the heart
of the darkest night
the rabbit hearted girl you once knew is gone
i am a battle ready warrior
the vampire with the foolproof plan couldn't foresee me
i know you think you're oh so clever,
but for you that would be a difficult endeavor;
mermaids can be every bit as dangerous as sirens
i will drown you in the hurricanes of my rage.

Linda M. Crate is the author of the Magic Series and has many poems, short stories, reviews, and essays published both online and in print. Her third poetry collection Sing Your Own Song is forthcoming from Barometric Press Series.

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