February 11, 2016

Remember That by Linda M. Crate

i let you dine
on the fine wine of my blood
thought perhaps
we could write a better love
story than twilight
which for the record was 
my favorite time
of day
until you slaughtered all the
roses of my youth,
can you tell me how many times
the moon must become
dark before it breaks?
i cannot keep count of all the times
you've broken my heart,
but i know this stake
has your name on it and these lips
bronzed with garlic are
calling for your name and headless men
don't speak;
when you challenge a mermaid
she never loses—
remember that.

Linda M. Crate is the author of the Magic Series and has many poems, short stories, reviews, and essays published both online and in print. Her third poetry collection Sing Your Own Song is forthcoming from Barometric Press Series. 

1 comment:

  1. Slaughtered roses again...intriguing image. Perhaps if you dug into the source of it you will find endless inspiration.