January 13, 2016

In Venice by Sarah Russell

on a side street burrowed deep
off touristed San Marco, dusty relics
beckon in a shop no larger
than a footprint.  I join the urbane owner,
a musician -- hair  like Mozart, an artist
in a paint-daubed smock, discussing
Nietzsche, Modigliani, the cafes
in Genoa and Istanbul.  We toast
with Sangiovese in styrofoam.

Cento di questi giorni!
a wish for a hundred of these days.

Sarah Russell lives in State College, PA with a curly dog and a patient husband. Her poetry has appeared in Red River Review, Misfit Magazine, The Houseboat, Shot Glass Journal, Ekphrastic Magazine and Poppy Road Review, among others.  Follow her work at www.SarahRussellPoetry.com


  1. Stunning! Understated, yet full of feeling brought to life by strong imagery.
    A beautiful read thank you, Sarah.
    Here's to a hundred more of those days :)