January 4, 2016

I'm Different? So What? by Linda M. Crate

i am a raven
talons and beak and feathers
a thousand dreams 
on the horizon
to chase and catch
i am building myself up on clouds and
but all you can see is that i am different;
all you can say is that i should
stand in line with 
everyone else and conform,
but i've never had any interest in being like
everyone else
i am me;
that's all i could ever afford to be
as they live in their glass houses with their noses held high
they are the wind signifying sound and fury
but they lost their meaning
a thousand moons ago
i'll always have 
like the jabberwocky slain by alice
you will become nothing
as i destroy you under the crushing fang of oblivion 
chasing all my dreams turning them into successes.

Linda M. Crate is the author of the Magic Series and has many poems, short stories, reviews, and essays published both online and in print. 

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