November 28, 2014

Two Poems by Maddy Mueller

The Lotus Gate

From shared to shattered
is a moment turned Eternity
so I try to make my heart unbreakable
unable to be penetrated
yet, it figures its own escape

So I tell myself
Ah Joy! tis torn' apart 
in layers this time
and re-formed into a lotus clover
for me, this day
thus a vow I make n'ere again
to let Love forsake it

Am I mistaken its innate hiss
and shaking laughter at me?

Mayhap I must close this place
awaiting reconciliation
Mayhap it's a Miracle in the making
Mayhap by now my lotus flower has grown
sharp edges and teeth

like an inviting white picket fence
with a sign on the gate
that says 'Keep Away' 


At one time she sought the crescendo 
of youth's storms
Now she yearns for the flaps of breezes
that kindly carry her part of the way

The bumpy roads
she once squealed over
with every bounce
feeling like an opportunity
to be thrown up in the air
has changed to the need for paths
pacified as by the rhythms of lullabies 
and as smooth and taut as the glide
of a woman's belly with child

Once she excitedly expected the night 
to ignite in fireworks'
vivid sparks that popped open 
an explosion of mums
which now sit beside her
in a still life painting
They've become taller and plumper
than her original memory of them
having turned delicate pastel
as if someone had gently brushed
them and her eyes with soft tissues

reassuring her that once is forever...

Maddy Mueller is from New York City and resides in Northern California. She worked as Assistant Editor for a newspaper syndication publishing company.. Maddy usually self- publishes her poetry collections but has recently branched out to other venues as well. Her inspiration comes from writer/poet Kahlil Gibran and collective unconscious psychotherapist Carl Jung.

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