November 21, 2014

Garden of Eden by Peggy Carter

The sun was hot that day – 
boiling out of a blue sky; no clouds survived

But we did.

I don’t even remember how we got there –
the open field, so isolated – 
a beautiful view, not that we saw it – 
a few trees as witness – 
endless grass – 
and the mountains, crisp and clear, for backdrop – 

His blue eyes weren’t the only thing to pierce me – 
a handful of flesh on the grass – 

I heard the voices of other lovers, past and future – 

That eden was ours.

As the sun burned through, we were branded – 

Peggy Carter came late in her life to poetry. She started writing in her early 60's and has been consumed with it ever since. Peggy has taken one college class in poetry. She's been taught by Brendan Constantine and Tresha Faye Haefner. Tobi Cogswell has also been influential. Peggy's had the good fortune to have been published in the Bellowing Ark, Decanto, The Stray Branch and Red Fez. She published a chapbook, Reach, in 2013.  


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