September 22, 2014

Velocity by Sally Zakariya

The Indian restaurant
is our choice tonight
good vegetarian fare
that keeps us virtuous

We go there often
the four of us
two of us with canes
all four with bifocals

Over idli and onion naan
and kadai paneer we talk
about the unforgiving
velocity of life

How it rushes seeming
overnight from youth
to age with all its
attendant miseries

Then and now come
into focus as ceiling lights
bright as Gujarati sun flash
on mirrored walls 

Driving home we trade
false sun for a new moon’s
promised cycle of swift

Sally Zakariya’s poems have appeared recently in Boston Literary Magazine, Emerge, Third Wednesday, Evening Street Review, Southern Women’s Review, and Theodate. Her poetry has won prizes from the Poetry Society of Virginia and the Virginia Writers Club. She has published two chapbooks, Insectomania (2013) and Arithmetic and other verses (2011). Sally lives in Arlington, Virginia, and blogs at


  1. Sarah! Nice to hear from you again. I've lost touch with the GoodReads poetry group but will reconnect. Meanwhile, thanks for the good words.