July 11, 2014

Interview w/ Poet William Cullen Jr.

1. Who or what inspired you to write poetry?

I spent a year once when I was in the army reading the selected poems of Pounds, Eliot, Yeats, Frost and Dylan Thomas over and over again. I mean I was even reading their work out in the field in a pup tent by flashlight! 

2. Do you have a favorite place to write?

No particular spot.

3. Who are your favorite poets, alive or deceased?

deceased: Pound, James Dickey. alive: Ted Kooser, Robert West.

4. What five words best sum up your personality?

romantic . . . questing. . .death before dishonor 

5. Other than writing, what else do you love to do?

I have made it three times into the world championships of horse racing handicapping (similar to the round robin events that lead to the championships in poker as shown on tv).

6. What are your current, and/or next projects?

I hope to have a first chapbook of about 20 poems ready for submission by the end of the summer.  Most of the poems have been written already so the real work is in the selection and arrangement and finding a publisher..

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