June 27, 2014

Brindisi by Byron Beynon

The summer port of Brindisi
is full of tourist traffic,
where cautious police
with sniffer-dogs
watch back-packers
drift in and out
on a continuous ship of history
between east and west.
Here I walk the ancient
steps of Brindisium,
leading to the Boundary Columns
of the Appian Way,
near to where Virgil died.
I spend the evening
in the freshness of the piazza Cairoli,
watching middle-aged men
gather like pigeons.
They stand and gesticulate
at the sparkling Saturday girls,
accompanied by the cadenza of the fountain.
A durability of people, thought and place.

Byron Beynon lives in Swansea, Wales.  His work has appeared in several publications including Agenda, Poetry Wales, San Pedro River Review, London Magazine and Poetry Scotland. Also the anthology "In Protest" (150 poems for Human Rights) - recently published by the University of London and Keats House Poets.  Collections include The Sundial (Flutter Press), Human Shores (Lapwing Publications) and The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions)

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