March 3, 2014

Chapbook Interview with Walter Ruhlmann

1.  Tell us about your latest poetry chapbook. 
The Loss is five-fold and each part is about five different types of loss: my self-confidence, my father, memory, the love in my partner, and my mind. It is during a period of doubt and hard times that these poems were written. 

2.  What was the inspiration behind it?
In 2012, I wrote another collection Crossing Puddles (coming up through Robocup Press later this year) and The Loss is more or less the sequel to this collection. It was a period of time when I was starting to reconstruct myself after a severe break-down, yet other events came crashing and disrupting this wellness I experienced then. Again, losing can take all sorts of shapes and occurs in many ways.

3.  What would you like readers and other poets to learn from this chapbook? Live your life fully because it's short.

4.  What advice would you give to a novice poet? 
Read. read. Read. then you can start writing. You will need to read more. and live a lot of things. Never discourage yourself and never let anyone put you down. You might not be the best writer ever, but you write and that is something.

5.  Thank you for joining us today.  How can we reach you?

Interested?  You can purchase The Loss & GMO by Walter Ruhlmann at


  1. Thank you for sharing this most personal account of your losses.
    I went to your blog and am interested in reading more. I appreciate your forthrightness and thank you for sharing such vulnerability.
    "Live you life the best you can today. It is all you have."
    We have that in common, Walter.

  2. Thanks Jo, and sorry for the late answer. I didn't see it until today.