February 24, 2014

Hades Puzzles Himself Over Persephone by Caitlin Johnson

The stench of ennui clings to her.
The parts of life that were hers have faded
from her sight. Now, she thinks
she has nothing: no mother, no home.
I burn her with my grasp, a hand
around her wrist to pull her back
into darkness when I find her straying
toward the light.
   I will not abide
by this runaway girl.

When I rose out of the Earth for her,
I bestowed a crown, made her my only queen.
Yet she sulks; she longs to take her leave.
She could have all my power if she would
intertwine her fingers with mine, whisper
my name and let it echo
through these halls.
              I have killed for her
                                                 and will slaughter a million more.

Caitlin Johnson is the Managing Editor of CAIRN: The St. Andrews Review. Additionally, she holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Lesley University.  Caitlin's work has appeared in All Things GirlBlack Mirror MagazineCharlotte ViewpointFortunatesPembroke MagazineVagina: The Zine, and What the Fiction, among others.

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