June 2016

~ Sandy Benitez's debut gothic fantasy novel, The Rosegiver, is available on and

It is the late 1800s, in rural England, seventeen-year-old Rachel Harper has been summoned by her aunt to assist with housekeeping duties at the family inn. She is also required to perform duties as a rosegiver, a messenger for the weak, the broken-hearted, and the dying. On her journey to Rosethorne Inn, she befriends a writer named John, who informs her about a rash of missing girls in Thistle Grove and nearby towns. He also discusses the topic of vampyres which intrigues Rachel. 

Upon arriving at Thistle Grove, they are greeted by a young man, named Ronan, who is employed by Rachel’s aunt. Eventually, he divulges his primary profession, a graveminder, something that is both ancient and dangerous. Shortly after, strange occurrences take place and Rachel is haunted by frightening dreams. Will she discover the secret behind the missing girls and the strange dreams? And will she sacrifice years from her life if it means saving the life of someone she loves?

April 2016

~ Richard Schnap's debut poetry chapbook, A Wind From Nowhere, published by Flutter Press, contains 37 poems and is available for purchase on Flutter Press' website or

This first collection of poems by Pittsburgh poet Richard Schnap paints a portrait of the modern world through insightful observations of people, places, and events told in ways grounded in everyday realities that evoke dreamlike vistas, surreal panoramas, and the heartfelt passage through a life frequently marked by longing and loss. A desolate landscape emerges that blends with soulful studies of characters that pass through it in a time of trials and tribulations that has no easy resolution but still is rich in sudden beauty and signs of wonder and magic.


~ Nina Romano's second novel in TheWayfarer Trilogy, Lemon Blossoms, is available for purchase on

Angelica Domenico is born in a blossoming lemon grove, a prophetic fusion of sweet bloom and bitter fruit on an island governed by volcanoes and earthquakes.
In the continuation of Nina Romano’s epic Wayfarer Trilogy, an early childhood accident propels Angelica to battle trials in a world where proof of virginity is paramount. She suff ers the trauma of her aunt’s death in childbirth and is catapulted on a voyage towards the nunnery to seek refuge from a fear of intimacy. Fate intervenes on the Feast of Crucifixion when Giacomo Scimenti enters the family shop, and Angelica feels herself rent by lightning the instant they come face to face.
Lemon Blossoms is the story of Angelica’s struggle in pursuit of feminine identity and heritage while coping with the intricacies of loss, love, and yearning.

January 2016

~ James Owens' new 46-page poetry chapbook, MORTALIA, published by FutureCycle Press, can be purchased at 

The poems in MORTALIA come into being at the glinting intersect of mortality and love, both personal and as reflected in the natural world. The question is not so much how can we love a person (or world) that we know is already beginning to pass away even in the moment of discovery, but rather how could we ever love in any other way.

March 2015

~ Joan Colby has authored a new poetry collection, PRO FORMA, published by FootHills Publishing, a 36 page hand-sewn chapbook that was selected as the Winner of Turtle Island Quarterly's 2014 Editor's Choice Chapbook Award. (price: $10)

January 2015

~ Nina Romano has a new novel out titled, The Secret Language of Women.   You can pre-order the novel on, before its release on September 1, 2015.

Set in China in the late 1800’s, The Secret Language of Women tells the story of star-crossed lovers, Zhou Bin Lian, a Eurasian healer, and GIACOMO SCIMENTI, an Italian sailor, driven apart by the Boxer Rebellion.

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