June 5, 2017

Love Like Sakura by Sandy Benitez

Walking hand-in-hand, 
beneath a tunnel of pink sakura,
seconds flutter then fall around us
like white moths 
drawn to a paper lantern.

Here, in this moment 
is where I want to ghost with you;
a place all our own to haunt,
where love never changes seasons
and time stands still.

It is always Spring. 
Cherry scented space between us
separated only by crisp, cool breaths
whispering I Love You.
Ours; a love like sakura.

Sandy Benitez writes poetry and fiction. She's the founding editor of Flutter Press, Poppy Road Review, and Black Poppy Review.  Sandy's most recent poetry chapbook, Cherry Blossom Days, was published in March 2017 by Flutter Press.  


  1. Sandy,
    Your poem is so sensual. I like the way you used flutter, ghost, haunt, and the third stanza is terrific. "It is always Spring. Cherry scented space between us..."
    Thank you.

  2. This is just beautiful, Sandy. Incredible images!

  3. Thank you Jo and Sarah. :-)

  4. filled with senses- like watching a heart tugging movie. Lovely. Makes me want to fall in love.


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