May 11, 2015

Flora's Burden by Harika Kottakota

…inspired by The Flower Vendor by Diego Rivera

she kneels, church fashion, 
on clay horizon
plaits tied with a whisp
of lavendar lace 
how dearly she hugs the
inflorescence of calla lilies, 
her bundle of livelihood, 
plump lips murmering psalms  
and demure eyes 
stippling the spathes 
with teardrops 
before dawn 
before flora’s burden 
cleaves her back 
upon dusty, coarse streets 
abrading her soles

Harika Kottakota is a high school junior living in southern California. Harika has been a finalist in the JUST Poetry National Contest and has been published or forthcoming in Canvas Literary JournalWhirlwind MagazineRight Hand Pointing, and the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. She hopes to continue her poetic odyssey for a lifetime. 

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