April 28, 2015

Two Poems by M.J. Iuppa

Standing on Top of a Skycraper about to Scream 

I lost an earring today. My signature
style, a gift 2555 days ago, and now I
have one moon, one star, one sun
instead of two.
                      Where is it? Stuck in
a crack somewhere?  I can’t imagine re-
tracing steps back to the moment it
slipped off nonchalantly, without me
feeling it until I felt it—my fingers
pinching my earlobes as if it just
happened— my scarf the culprit.

Below I see traffic stop & go,
its music strikes a chord that I
can’t match.  Somewhere down
there, on the avenue’s sidewalk  
my earring’s sun and moon and star 
lies crumpled up, waiting for the stranger 
who wears one earring to pick it up . . .

So It’s Come to This

Neither beautiful or successful, rain-
drops ten stories, straight down, with-

out any of us knowing that they will strike 
our faces, one after another & our cheeks 

will smart red & we won’t know why we’re 
unhappy, pulling our collars close—our 

contained breath clouding our glasses with 
a string of profanity because we’re stuck 

walking the distance in this sudden storm 
just to pick up a paycheck. 

M.J. Iuppa lives on Red Rooster Farm near the shores of Lake Ontario. Most recent poems, lyric essays and fictions have appeared in the following journals: Poppy Road Review, Black Poppy Review, Digging to the Roots, 2015 Calendar, Ealain, Poetry Pacific Review, Grey Sparrow Press: Snow Jewel Anthology, 100 Word Story, Avocet, Eunoia Review, Festival Writer, Silver Birch Press: Where I Live Anthology, Turtle Island Quarterly, Wild Quarterly, Boyne Berries Magazine (Ireland), The Lake, (U.K.), Punchnel’s; forthcoming in Camroc Review, Tar River Poetry, Corvus Review, Clementine Poetry, Postcard Poetry & Prose, among others.  She is the Writer-in-Residence and Director of the Visual and Performing Arts Minor Program at St. John Fisher College.  You can follow her musings on art, writing and sustainability on mjiuppa.blogspot.


  1. The first poem reminds me of a woman losing her wedding ring in a grocery store and having us help her find it... and inspired me to write.

    The second poem is outstanding for its subject as anything is a catalyst for writing.

    Bravo on both!

    And a thank you to the Editor doing as usual a nearly thankless, lonely job!

  2. Thank you for your note! Glad to hear that you were able to rift off of these.
    And, I agree with you, Sandy Benitez is an exceptional poet and editor.
    Because of her selections, I am following so many poets now, near and far,
    In this journal and elsewhere. Poppy Road is a tremendous showcase of talent.

  3. Alex, thanks for leaving such a kind comment. The journal wouldn't even continue on as it has without the support of poets and readers.

    M.J., you're much too kind. I continue to be amazed by the talent of so many folks who submit poems here and like you, have discovered so many great writers over the years, you being one of them.