April 3, 2015

Breaking News by Arlene Mandell

Plane crashes, all 150 dead.
ISIS beheads three youths.
Local police officer shot and killed.

A friend emails photo of new
granddaughter, her features a blend
of Taiwanese and German.

While weeding the garden
I try to keep Baby Ellen's 
serene face in my mind.

Arlene Mandell is a retired English professor living in Santa Rosa, CA, where it is possible to block out reality for short periods of time.


  1. Retirement means more time to listen to the "bad news". How good it is that this Professor has given us a snapshot of the daily horror of the world and yet is gardening and thinking of her granddaughter.

  2. Sadly, the ugly news is more prevalent, but the balm of a newborn grandchild's a powerful counter. Salute.