March 27, 2015

Poppy Road's Annual Print Edition, 2014 Published

Poppy Road Review's Annual Print Edition, 2014, is now available from Createspace. This beautiful 200-page book features the fine poetry of Taylor Graham, Paul Hellweg, Steve Klepetar, A.J. Huffman, Lindsey Bellosa, Byron Beynon, Jeanine Stevens, Michael Lee Johnson, David Chorlton, Richard Schnap, James Owens, Joan Colby, Michael Keshigian, Rose Mary Boehm, Martin Willitts Jr., Rick Hartwell, M.J. Iuppa, Michael Holme, Donal Mahoney, Danny Earl Simmons, Jim Pascual Agustin, John Grey, Sergio Ortiz, Sarah Russell, William Cullen Jr., Sandy S. Benitez, Mary Jo Balistreri, Sara Clancy, Marianne Szlyk, Ricki Mandeville, Joan McNerney, Tobi Cogswell, Linda M. Crate, Dylan Weir, Tiffany Kang, Jan Ball, Coraline Adams, Seth Jani, Couri Johnson, Molly McCormack, and many others.

Cover art "Poppies, Poppies, Everywhere" by Alex Nodopaka, a contributor to Poppy Road Review.


  1. Very early Saturday morning I placed an order on Createspace for this book. As a new customer, I entered all the information and the everything went swimmingly until I pressed the last key to place the order. A message on the screen appeared saying, "Charging, please wait..." Wait I did and did other things but the screen never changed. So finally I grew tired of waiting because I have to go fight ISIS so clicked close. I do not know if my order went through or not. I will check again with Poppy Road after we defeat ISIS. All the best to Sandy Benitez, Commander-in-Chief.

  2. Congratulations to all, especially Jeanine Stevens and John Grey, both of whom have been in my magazine,"The Poet's Art".

  3. I am so proud to be part of Poppy Road Review and thank the excellent poet and editor, Sandy Benitez!