March 25, 2015

Grandma's Window by Ernest Williamson III

craven windows
inside out 
stained orange,
brown along the sills,
hardly transparent
yet still a work of mystery. 
I see nothing but blackness;
as I still ponder 
Webster's definition 
associating darkness 
with blackness,       
and as long as I've been staring
at Grandma's window 
all I can say with confidence 
that it's old 
and black.
though darkness 
never tells me to include 
its application or connotation, 
I wonder why another man 
or another pair of eyes 

Dr. Ernest Williamson III has published poetry and visual art in over 500 national and international online and print journals. Professor Williamson has published poetry in journals such as The Oklahoma Review, Review Americana: A Creative Writing Journal, and The Copperfield Review. Some of his visual artwork has appeared in journals such as The Columbia Review, The GW Review, and Fiction Fix. Many of his works have been published in journals representing over 50 colleges and universities around the world. Dr. Williamson is an Assistant Professor of English at Allen University and his poetry has been nominated three times for the Best of the Net Anthology. Williamson holds a B.A. and an M.A. in English/Creative Writing/Literature from the University of Memphis and a PhD in Higher Education Leadership from Seton Hall University.

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