February 11, 2015

View with an Edge by David Chorlton

Desert photo by David Chorlton

There’s a photograph in hiding
every time we drive along the road
south from San Simon. It’s a landscape
from the old West, missing
just the stagecoach to complete the scene.
The buttes and rock formations
are still pushing toward their place on Earth,
while the grasses seem resigned
to never growing into green.
We’ve stopped in every season
to compare summer’s burn to the silence
snowfall leaves behind, or to speculate
on spaces we can’t see. It’s the kind
of terrain a person would choose
to escape in, leaving nothing
but a cloud of dust to say
they were ever here. There’d be a posse
formed, a long and futile chase
at the end of which the mountains
would lie back in their places
and the stalks at the side of the road
would open into white wild cotton flowers.

David Chorlton recently participated in the Fires of Change Project & Workshops, North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, (Sponsored by the Southwest Fire Science Consortium, the Landscape Conservation Initiative, and the National Endowment for the Arts.), with the exhibiton to follow in Flagstaff, in 2015.

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