February 24, 2015

Two Poems by Laura Lovic-Lindsay

April Morning

Last autumn's fields bonfired:
old feeds new.

Sheave-people plow
stripes of dark chocolate

Each day an egg hunt in the nests-- baskets of
freckled brown, pond green, cornflower blue,
cream whites like the cased worms
that still blanket some branches

Lolloping hares parade pussywillow-soft coats,
fuzzed lamblings sneeze at feathered breezes,
bees fuss their skeps,
mothers argue their milking--

Tulips still labor to birth
centimeter at a time

Boys roll stones to wall-building fathers
sisters tie banners, ribbons to trees

Wind moves, hushing all,
speaks to every ear
the word Odin once whispered:


O Holy Night

Chickory, birdsfoot,
Indian's paintbrush
edge our roads, waving:
like children,
cheering a parade

You and your brother
swing silver fire-lanterns,
heads almost touching, you
whisper of cousins and far-away friends

You walk ahead of me,
just enough to
pretend you walk alone

You spin your glassed fire,
make stars dance under your feet
as well as above this street-stage

You are afraid of nothing

You are not yet too old
to gasp at bats passing overhead,
to salute the groundhog, grass across his mouth
like a handlebar mustache,
to adorn your arms in ladybugs

Fireflies swarm you tonight
to see if you are one of them

I think you may well be

I am trying
so hard
to make this night last

Laura Lovic-Lindsay left Penn State University with a literature degree in hand in 1993. She has won some contests (writerstype.com, writersweekly.com, Writing Success writers' conferences), had some pieces accepted for publication (firesidefictioncompany.com, Boston Literary Magazine).
Laura lives and writes in an old farmhouse in a small Western Pennsylvania town.


  1. These poems are just lovely, Laura. Such beautiful images.

    1. So kind of you to say so, Sarah! Thank you for reading.

  2. Thank you, Rosmarie! Delighted to be part of this lovely site.

  3. Rhythmic and evocative poetry, Laura. I'm delighted to read your writing.