February 13, 2015

Two Poems by Anderson O'Brien

I was a bit of a mud lark
as a child, gathering days 
in both hands, I stepped 
into the imagined world, 
wandered the rocky shore
in search of faerie gifts 
I culled shells, raw turquoise, 
Baroque pearls, crystals, 
collected bobbles in the flounce 
of my pinafore. I sang to myself 
as I built elaborate sandcastles 
for the faerie spirits, listened 
for their voices in the conch shell 
I carried with me. Sometimes
I still pick it up, straining to hear.

Emily’s Herbarium
for Emily Dickinson at age 14
I make my own path
through meadows and woodlands 
gathering cyclamen, sarsaparilla, 
lily of the valley, wild ginger 
to assemble in my leather folio,
my scrapbook of plants. 
This small, dark volume 
my collection of sunshine 
and shade, days spent lingering
by the brook before the rainstorm.

Anderson O'Brien lives in Columbia, SC with her husband. She has published poetry in numerous publications including The Kentucky Review, Iodine, Blue Fifth Review, and Flutter.


  1. Great! Emotive nostalgia at its best; very well constructed.

  2. I am in love with these both. I want to curl up in the first one and start purring! Wow.