February 2, 2015

Loden Coat (Walking in Her Cape Coat) by Martin Willitts Jr.

Loden Coat (Walking in Her Cape Coat)
Andrew Wyeth, 1979 
The green coat is walking away
without her. When she fills it,
the loden coat moves differently,
like currents carried Morse Code
over unimagined distances.
When she removes it, the air is removed.
The silence becomes a different silence;
one of quivering. The moon revolves 
in the wrong direction, totally confused
after seeing her naked.
When the coat drops, silent as rose petals,
the nothingness has no chance —
I want to tell her  
how I cannot stand 
to be so far away
so near
so afraid to say
what I want to say.
When the coat hangs 
on a wooden peg
near the front door,
it knows separation and loss.

Martin Willitts Jr won the International Dylan Thomas Poetry Award. His new book is  Irises, the Lightning Conductor For Van Gogh's Illness” (Aldrich Press, 2014). His forthcoming books include Martin Willitts Jr, Greatest Hits” (Kattywompus Press), “The Way Things Used To Be” (Writing Knights Press), “How to Be Silent" (FutureCycle Press), and “God Is Not Amused With What You Are Doing In Her Name” (Aldrich Press).


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