January 15, 2015

Below the Beech, Above the Taff by Martin Willitts Jr.

I would lie on my back, looking into leaves
until the world was out of focus,
pointless dots for impressionistic painters.
What I was doing was seeing beyond
what we were met to see and seen it.
As the trees became blurred lines
I could see right through them.
The world beyond was no longer invisible
or strange, or faraway, or impossible to get to.
The real world, the one we are not meant to see, 
has been hidden and hard to imagine.
I return there, whenever I can.
Age never stopped me; I always Believe.
A part of me is already in that ghostly Other World.

Martin Willitts Jr won the International Dylan Thomas Poetry Award. His new book is  Irises, the Lightning Conductor For Van Gogh's Illness” (Aldrich Press, 2014). His forthcoming books include Martin Willitts Jr, Greatest Hits” (Kattywompus Press), “The Way Things Used To Be” (Writing Knights Press), “How to Be Silent" (FutureCycle Press), and “God Is Not Amused With What You Are Doing In Her Name” (Aldrich Press).

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