November 24, 2014

Pageboy (detail) by Martin Willitts Jr.


            1979, Andrew Wyeth painting 

She cut her hair into the shadows of loss
and I cannot stand to look at her 
in the eye,

the eye of the closest detail,
staring into space,
where I am not

nor will I ever be there,
there wherever she stares
like she is looking death in the eye,

the kind of long range stare
across fields to the furthest town
where a crack in a wall gets attention

and I am not there
I am not in her line of vision
which drifts off to the vanishing horizon

This poem is from a collection of poems based on the Andrew Wythe "Helga" collection.  Martin Willitts Jr is the winner of the Dylan Thomas International Poetry Award, in honor of the 100 centennial. He is the author of 6 full-length collections including national ecological winner "Searching for What Is Not There" (Hiraeth Press. 2013) and 28 chapbooks including contest winner "William Blake, Not Blessed Angel But Restless Man" (Red Ochre Press, 2014). He has been in Poppy Road many times. 

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