July 1, 2014

Letter to the Woman Who Waited Almost Twenty Years for Her Lover to Return by Ace Boggess

Garcia-Marquez would embrace you with his pen
not woman at all but the illusion of one

walking motley avenues in fairy-tale
kingdoms of obsession & the heart

you are not real—that is I never say
you are not real but I make you as I go

out of granite splashed with drops of lavender oil
a form revealed from rather than carved in stone

how does one starve so long in a kitchen
stocked with soups plus bread & candied yams?

yet all those working hours have cashed their checks
gone home to sleep forever next to their forgetful wives

why did you wait like a moon beyond its tides
while Odysseus slept in the arms of many seas?

Ace Boggess is the author of two books of poetry: The Prisoners (Brick Road, 2014) and The Beautiful Girl Whose Wish Was Not Fulfilled (Highwire, 2003).  His writing has appeared in Harvard Review, Mid-American Review, RATTLE, River Styx, and many other journals.  He lives in Charleston, West Virginia.

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