December 8, 2013

Smokescreens by Rose Aiello Morales

Alone too often, convinced aloof,
the constant makes an entrance into heart's bleed, 
illusions of a prism from another universe.

Parallel of love/not love, vessels of imagining sail
far without a rudder, turn to islands in a tiny stream, 
minnow latches on to nothing, nothing seems like everything.

See all through the bottom of a glass,
the glass is pink and beveled, nothing is as is,
so magnified impressions stymy life's reality.

Real, my flesh as pain, friendship needed wanders off 
to paths of fantasy, danger in a misremembered word, 
these (smoke) screens make the all seem larger, bigger than it ever could be.

In the end a friend is lost when friend love lasts forever
and forbidden love just dies a pity death, I lost a friend,
in love friends disappear, implausible as lovers naked and ashamed.

Rose Aiello Morales is a poet living in Miami Florida, USA. She has been published in various magazines worldwide. Rose is the author of several books of poetry and microfiction, her latest, "When the Rapture Comes I'll be Hiding in the Basement" now available in print and Kindle versions.

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